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Laundry Booster Crystals 1.1kg

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T&K Boutique Booster Crystals are meant to be added to the washing machine drum during a regular laundry cycle. The little crystals dissolve and add scent to a load of laundry. One of the main goals, when we wash our laundry, is to have it come out of the dryer smelling clean and fresh without any laundry odors. Wouldn't it be nice if that nice and fresh smell stayed until it was time to wear the clothing?

Booster Crystals are really simple to use. Measure out the desired amount of crystals into the cap and pour it into the drum of the washing machine before adding clothes. Wash normally. The crystals dissolve into the washed load and leave behind a scent or fragrance that is meant to stick with the clothing not only through the washing and drying cycle, but in closets and drawers as well. To get more scent, use more crystals. For less scent, add less. Do not put the crystals into a soap dispenser. They must be added into the main drum of the washer.

Due to covid its been extremely hard to find scoops so we do apologise. If you have a scoop from previous laundry crystals use two scoops. Were hoping to get scoops soon. 



Epsom salt, bicarbonate soda, fragrance essential oils. 1.5kg Tub

Laundry Booster